BabySpa® Review & Giveaway!


BabySpa® Review & Giveaway!

BabySpa® is a line of 98-100% natural skincare products for baby including shampoo, body wash, shea butter diaper cream, nourishing/calming massage oil and lotions for face and body, all specially formulated for a baby’s delicate and changing skin.

All products are 98-100% Natural and totally free of Parabens, Phthalates, PEGS, SLS, and Mineral Oil. 

BabySpa®’s unique Botanical approach is it’s ECOCERT® Certified Organic Botanicals. One such Botanical is Nyamplung Oil. Nyamplung is grown free of pesticides, and known for it’s healing, soothing & regenerating properties. The unique ethnobotanical is a natural SPF booster that prevents free radical production and damages induced by UV exposure.   

BabySpa® has a Unique skin care approach that is formulated in stages for babies.

BabySpa® stage 2

The Bathful Baby set includes:

Soothing Face Crea

3 in 1 Tearless Shampoo, Body Wash & Moisturizer

Moisturizing Body Lotion

Ultra Soft Baby Wipes Travel Pack

I am not a fan of any baby powder scent, so I was VERY pleased with the Stage 2 Uplifting Citrus Scent of the shampoo. It has a very soothing & fresh scent, that is not overpowering! I used the lotion on my hands, and I’m also very pleased with the way that it smells. :)







One winner will receive a Bathful Baby set! Enter below!






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   *I received a product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and everyone is encouraged to make their own choices. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by,  associated with, facebook, twitter, pinterest, google, or any other company unless specifically stated.

5 thoughts on “BabySpa® Review & Giveaway!”

  1. Body Wash & Moisturizer, our guy needs a moisturizer with his dry skin, with the cooler weather, i don’t always put lotion on at night, afraid he may catch a chill.. so the moisturizer in the Body wash would be idea to use.

  2. I would love to try the shampoo. My daughter has very fine and curly hair and its hard finding just the right product for it. All of it sounds great, going all natural can be great for that super sensitive skin.

  3. I’m interested in trying the soothing face cream, our little girl has very sensitive, rashy spots that this organic product my be the cure for! Thank you for introducing this line!

  4. I’m interested in the soothing face cream for our little girl. She suffers with dry, almost rashy spots on her face and these products may be very beneficial. Thanks for introducing them to me!!

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